Corinne is loving kindergarten. She has class 5 days a week in the afternoon. They let us as parents pick am or pm but not pick the teacher. I think afternoons are better for her. She can have a lazy morning then get ready for school. Here’s pictures of her first day:

Corinne's first day of kindergarten

Corinne's first day of kindergarten

She is always talking about kids in her class. I’m eager to meet them. I found out recently that I am the Room/Parent Coordinator for the year. Not sure how I got roped into that one. Oh well. I think it will be okay. It basically means I have to plan the class parties. There are only two so it shouldn’t be too overwhelming.

Corinne has also joined Daisy Scouts. They meet once a month. She likes doing the crafts and playing with the girls. However, it’s the cookies she keeps asking about. She is eager to sell! Lately she is quite the business woman. She keeps saying that we should make banana bread and sell it. Sell her artwork, etc, etc. What a hoot! I’ll let you know for all you locals when the sale is on. I’m not big into going door to door.

Now that Mason is potty trained, I think I’ll start looking into parttime preschools. He wants to be just like his big sis.


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