Month: May 2008

  • We got a new car!

    Of the Flintstone variety, that is. Last month I was driving the kids somewhere with Tony’s sister in tow. We passed a house with a toy car out front labeled free. My favorite word! We shoved it in the van, took it home, then went about our business. It was fairly dirty from being outside. […]

  • Time to make the donuts

    My parents were down a few weekends ago and wanted to take the kids somewhere fun. Corinne got a Valentine from one of her classmates that included a free donut from Krispy Kreme. Sounded like a good time to me! The kids loved it. Here’s the tour if you’ve never been: First, the massive dough […]

  • Mason rocks the house

    Mason has his quirks. That’s what makes me love him so much. I was flipping through the pictures and found some that really capture who he is at the moment. I have been trying for MONTHS to get the boy to wear a tie to church. Two Sundays ago after I put his shirt on, […]

  • Chalk another one up for the Wii

    I am not a fan of video games. I admit I have enjoyed playing Halo occasionally with my hubby and his buddies, but nothing comes close to the Wii. I am controller retarded. The Wii just makes sense to me since you act out real motions in order to play. Not push a series of […]

  • Ethan is 9 months old

    Today was another appointment at the pediatrician’s office. I feel like we are regulars. They should start a frequent patient program where you earn fruit snacks or something while you wait for coming in so often. Moving on… Ethan is a peanut. I’ve struggled to fatten him up since he was born. He only gained […]