Mason rocks the house

Mason has his quirks. That’s what makes me love him so much. I was flipping through the pictures and found some that really capture who he is at the moment.

I have been trying for MONTHS to get the boy to wear a tie to church. Two Sundays ago after I put his shirt on, he asked me where his tie was. I was shocked. He wore it for the drive to church and maybe the first 30 minutes. Oh well. It’s a start. He was so proud of himself. Here’s some pics.

Check me out!

Our little man

I have seen boys at church with ties that zip. I searched all over the mall with no luck. I think the problem with the clipons is that I have to button the top button. If I can find the zip kind, then I can leave the top button unbuttoned. Anybody out there know where to find them?

Mason loves to brush his teeth. I think he’s trying to become my favorite child. He stands on the toilet and spits in the sink and then rinses over and over again.

Mason's favorite pasttime

On this particular day, Mason saw Corinne and I polishing our nails. I have told him several times that only girls paint their nails. Well that wasn’t cutting it anymore. I found some blue and painted his toenails. He was thrilled! Of course we made him wear socks anytime we went in public, but his happiness was worth it.

Blue toes

That’s why I think that Mason rocks the house.


4 responses to “Mason rocks the house”

  1. I know a place here that has zipper ties. We can check it out when you are here if you remind me. Or I can get the color you want and bring it with us in June. I love romans zipper tie. I think I ended up getting that one with a shirt I bought though…. Just let me know and I will go shopping. I LOVE shopping:)

  2. How cute! I especially love the toes. I have had to paint Dillon’s toes many times over the years, but I never had a color as cool as that.

  3. Oh, this is the BEST photo of Mason, ever!!! Bob and I laughed and laughed at his priceless face!!!!!

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