Chalk another one up for the Wii

I am not a fan of video games. I admit I have enjoyed playing Halo occasionally with my hubby and his buddies, but nothing comes close to the Wii. I am controller retarded. The Wii just makes sense to me since you act out real motions in order to play. Not push a series of buttons. Tony just bought Mario Kart for the Wii. It comes with a little steering wheel. For some reason, Mason won’t even touch it but loves to watch.

In the Zone

That expression on their faces scares me. It’s The Zone. I like the way Corinne looks when she plays better.

Corinne meets Wii MarioKart

It’s pretty addicting and has worked it’s way into our daily lives. We laugh because Mason loves to play Super Mario on the DS and comments constantly on various parts and characters of the game. Now Corinne is doing the same with Mario Kart. This morning we were looking at the clouds. She said, “That one looks like a bullet car and that one looks like Yoshi.”

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


2 responses to “Chalk another one up for the Wii”

  1. Our boys love our Wii too – that “zone” face is eerily similar … but I love that it gets them up and active, interacting with each other and works on motor skills.

  2. Oh boy… we are gonna have to get that one. 🙂 I LOVE the “ZONE” picture. Mario Cart party in JUNE!!!! 🙂

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