Ethan is 9 months old

Today was another appointment at the pediatrician’s office. I feel like we are regulars. They should start a frequent patient program where you earn fruit snacks or something while you wait for coming in so often. Moving on…

Ethan is a peanut. I’ve struggled to fatten him up since he was born. He only gained a smidge over a pound and grew one inch since his 6 month check-up. His percentages plummeted. Of course his head grew in leaps and bounds. An orange on a toothpick. The doctor said to stuff him with food and try to fatten him up. She also tried to make me feel better by saying that since he has mastered crawling and is trying to walk with assistance he likely lost weight due to extra mobility. I’ll cling to that.

The highlight of the appointment was when I was informed that he has a double ear infection. What is it with ears!!!!!!!!!!! I am so over my poor kids getting these blasted colds/infections. UGH! He is a druggie and loves the medicine. He bounces up and down when he sees me shaking it up. Only one shot and a stick in the finger to check iron. Everything else was by the books. He won over the doc with his infectious grin. Here’s his mugs:

The photo session starts out innocently enough

Ethan 9 months

By the time he is dressed, it is dangerously close to naptime. No smiles left.

Ethan 9 months

Then he figures his only way out is to plunge off the chair. I gave up.

Ethan 9 months

Ethan is loving being outside. The first time we went out, he wouldn’t leave the blanket without crying. Now he crawls everywhere and loves to eat dirt.

Ethan outdoors

He also loves to eat food. Here he is with his new teething toy…a chicken leg.

Teething bone

He’s my baby, and I love him.


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