Cures for Boredom

I struggle often with new things for the family to do while stuck indoors. The weather keeps teasing us that it is warming up, but then we go right back into rainy days.

Here’s what I like to do:

Is that not totally disgusting? I am not in love with my 1980s kitchen flooring. I would say our relationship is not even on good terms. However, I do not like filth. Eventually my clean-freak self manifests and I scrub the floor. This time I experimented with my carpet scrubber. I was amazed at the difference! It looked so clean…until the kids ate lunch.

The kids like to play in Ethan’s bed. I let them do this for weeks before getting a picture:

Something about their activity being fun enough for a picture flipped a switch in their brains. They started jumping on the mattress and playing rougher. No more playing in the crib. It’s a bummer, too, because it kept them busy for a LONG time!

Corinne is very girly + Mason looks up to his sister = DISASTER! I was painting Corinne’s nails when Mason hunted us down. I have painted his nails in the past, and Tony was not thrilled. Mason loved it, though, and went off to beg Tony to let him do it again. Daddy is such a softy! I turned it up a notch by letting them paint their nails themselves.

Painting nails 101

Then I let them each paint one of my feet. Corinne is the one on the left; Mason on the right:
Painting nails 101

Much to my chagrin, Mason was better at it! Ugh! I’ve got to take him outside and throw a football or something. I’ll be back later.


3 responses to “Cures for Boredom”

  1. Roman likes playing with Marisa’s toys too. He’s loving her dolly’s hairbrush for some reason…. Kids. Just looking at your toenails makes me crazy! I hate nail polish! Especially when it’s on my skin! It makes me claustrophobic for some reason. Marisa’s probably going to miss out on that one, poor girl. Although, just thinking about it, I think she would probably love it and I will probably cave in and paint her nails. LOL
    Uh… yeah that floor is dirty. Every time I sweep (which is about every 3 days) I think I might barf with the amount of dirt. How do the floors get so dirty? but I…. don’t like to clean the floors. I think I would really enjoy one of those little vacuum cleaners that just goes around all day randomly cleaning the floors. Have I written enough… I can go on 🙂

  2. What a fun mom you are! I wish I would have done something fun like that when Tony & Steph were little! Although I can’t see Tony with painted toenails! LOL! I’m glad Tony let him do it….it won’t scar him for life….very colorful toenails by the way!

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