A day like none other

So today is the Fiesta Bowl. The entire family is decked out in their OSU gear. I even worked out in OSU garb. Needless to say, we’re big fans here at the Rice household. Tony, though, takes reigns supreme as Head Fan. As many of you remember, he broke his hand last year in a moment of unnecessary rage about the Buckeyes losing possession. If you didn’t already know, I’m sad I said anything. We/He is trying to move on and forget all about it. Welp, some buddies from work got him this year. Last year, I think the topic would have been too touchy due to the previously mentioned incident. This takes the cake.

I only wish I’d have thought of it and arranged for it to be done myself!


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  1. Where do you workout at? I just joined Lifestyles for Family Fitness at Polaris, but also will go to the Sawmill location sometime. I’m guessing that is too far for you, but don’t know for sure.

    Our baby Alyssa was a Buckeye cheerleader for Halloween this year, and we’ve been squeezing a lot of use out of her costume for the season. Today may be the last day though. Enjoy the game tonight!

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