Oh, snap!

I mean this both literally and figuratively. On Saturday, Bucks fans everywhere mourned the loss of the game against Illinois. Tony, however, was in overdrive and on the first Illinois possession (which resulted in a bogus call by the referees and ultimately a touchdown) he punched the floor multiple times with his fist. I know, right? Pretty dumb. Well, he told me he thought he broke something. He iced it for awhile and then called a friend that is a doctor. Tony took his advice and went to get an x-ray. It was broken.  He ended up missing the rest of the depressing game since, horror of all horrors, it wasn’t on at the urgent care center. Now we find out (after a CT scan) that the bone is crushed and will need surgery. Tuesday is the big day so keep us in your prayers!


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  1. I can’t believe he actually broke his hand! We were sad we were out of town and couldn’t watch the game with you, but maybe we didn’t miss too much!

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