Ethan turned 2…

…one month ago today. Okay, I am a terrible blogger.

I decided on a truck theme for his birthday since the boy’s biggest passions are dirt and trucks. We did dirt for his first birthday so trucks was the natural choice. Here’s what I came up with for his cake:

Ethan's 2nd Birthday

We hid the cake from Ethan until it was time to sing. I love the look on his face.

Ethan's 2nd Birthday

Thanks to all the family who came to visit us for the special occasion. A HUGE thanks to Tony for carting those candy rocks all the way from Vermont. We found them in a candy store there during my visit.

It’s hard to believe how grown-up he is getting already!

Ethan's 2 year picture

We love you, Ethan!


3 responses to “Ethan turned 2…”

  1. LOVE the expression on his face! Too cute. So weird that he’s two already. I guess we just don’t see him enough but I still imagine him as a little baby just learning to walk. I have to remind myself that he and Marisa are pretty close to the same age.
    Happy Birthday little guy!

  2. You are so clever when it comes to cake designs! It was very yummy by the way! It is hard to believe that Ethan is 2! Where has the time gone?!? We love and miss everyone! Love you Ethan!

  3. Wouldn’t be cool if a cement truck really could dump out chocolate like that? Then it would be called a chocolate truck. Bring a bowl of ice cream just in case 🙂

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