Shall we dance?

I want the kids to be more active. I asked Corinne to pick one activity to do this summer. She said, “Dance.” I searched the internet and called numerous dance studios. Most require the student attend for a full year and charge tuition even if you move/quit. Lame! I found one offering a summer course and jumped at the chance. Corinne is taking an 8 week class. It is a sampler: 2 weeks each of ballet, jazz, hip hop, and tap. Last night was her first class. She was so excited to get ready.

First Dance Class

The first class was ballet. I am not a fan. That said, Corinne did great! I was really impressed. She listened to the teacher and did the moves just right! It brought tears to my eyes. (I’m emotional, okay?!) She has been on cloud 9 ever since. She is already counting down the days to next week. I’m curious to see how she likes the other types of dance.


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  1. Where is she taking? I need to find something for Kelsey at some point and am running into the same issues.

  2. We could tell how excited she was and how much fun she’d had as she related her first experience to us! She looks so grown up and cute in her tutu!

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