A Great Day for McGrath Drive

I can’t believe it! I WON! Okay so 1500 people won, but that’s not the point here. Scroll down a few inches and read the post about screaming for ice cream. Well, Edy’s must have heard my scream because my street is about to PAR-TAY! I guess a release form is in the mail. Once I sign on the dotted line, oodles of ice cream with all the party fixings will be on the way to my front door. Unbelievable. Guess I can’t say I’ve never won anything now.

Don’t you wish you lived on my street?


3 responses to “A Great Day for McGrath Drive”

  1. YEAH!!!!! how fun is that!? That’s a great way to make friends in your neighborhood eh? Make sure you take pictures of the party!

  2. So, when can we come visit??? Enjoy, your submission must have been fantastic, congrats!

  3. Wow!! There is NOTHING wrong with free ice cream. You are going to be a very popular lady in the neighborhood!

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