Mason turns 4!

Mason is VERY into the Wii. Especially when it comes to Mario games. He loves to play MarioKart. His favorite part is when he becomes Bullet Bill and speeds past everyone. Thus, his cake:

Mason's 4th Birthday

We stuck the candles across the back to look like flames. Mason was tickled!

Mason's 4th Birthday

This kid doesn’t really get into the whole present thing. I know I should be thrilled that he isn’t into material items, but it’s hard to know what to get him. His Uncle Shane and family took the prize this year. Check out his loot just from them:

His new favorite shirt
Mason's 4th Birthday

A Bullet Bill toy
Mason's 4th Birthday

A card from Roman with drawings of Mario characters inside
Mason's 4th Birthday

Corinne got Mason a swimming mask (that he uses in the tub).
Mason's 4th Birthday

A flashlight that is fun at bedtime
Mason's 4th Birthday

Mason's 4th Birthday

Tony’s family and my family were able to be there for the fun. It was great to have such a big group. The Woolfs got him a HUGE container of gumballs to refill the machine. The Rices restocked his church clothes. The boy is a picky dresser when it comes to Sundays. The Bettses pitched in with Tony and I to get him a new bike. I thought I had a picture but, alas.

Mason is a sweet boy who still likes to cuddle with me. He gets so excited sometimes that the veins pop out of his neck! I love my little man.

Mason at 7 months 2 (10/21/05)

Mason's 4 Year Pictures


4 responses to “Mason turns 4!”

  1. We are glad he likes his shirt. Roman loves his Mario shirt so we figured Mason would like one too. Get ready for another Mario themed birthday come June. Roman can’t wait. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Mason! Dylan has a friend, Mason, that turns 3 today too!

    I can’t believe how much Mason has changed. He is so tall! We haven’t experienced mariokart yet, but are hoping to add that to our wii games eventually. We hear it is a blast!

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