My Little Helpers

The kids love to “help” me throughout the day. Sometimes it is indeed helpful.

Corinne is trying to teach Ethan to read and treat books nicely. Good luck with that!

Time for school!

Mason lets Ethan watch him play on the laptop while I cook dinner. He’s nice as long as Ethan’s head doesn’t block the screen. Then we have WWIII.

Ethan helping Mason play his games

Ethan, however, is still trying to figure out how to be helpful. I found these in the silverware drawer one day and smiled to myself before getting the camera. Adorable!

Ethan doing his part

When it comes to meals, Ethan wants to give Tony and I the chance to enjoy our dinner so he has decided he will now feed himself. No helping allowed.

Ethan's a messy eater

Ethan's a messy eater

Such good helpers!


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  1. Your kids always seem so well behaved. I miss little Corinne. I am sure she is such a great big sister. Ethan is sure getting big quickly!

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