Happy Belated 6th, Corinne!

I can’t believe my girl is 6! She was so excited to have her birthday. She was due to have her teeth cleaned, and asked that I schedule it the morning of her birthday. A girl after my heart! (We’ll have a whole post on the dentist later.)

Corinne was indecisive this year about what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday. She started out wanting a Princess Peach cake. Then she switched to Princess Daisy. Somewhere in playing with Mason, she started talking about one of the princess marrying Mario. That turned into her wanting a mini wedding cake.

Corinne's 6th birthday cake

Corinne's 6th birthday cake

Corinne's 6th birthday party

She got a new bike for her birthday. She rode it around the house.

Corinne's new bike

She thought she was hot stuff for getting a package from Utah. She could barely wait to open her card from Roman.

Corinne opening presents

I can’t believe how much she has grown.

Corinne, 6 years old

Love you, sweetie!


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  1. Hey Greta. So cute to see a little Mini-you turning 6 already! Loved the wedding cake. Too funny. It looks like life is good in your little corner. We miss you guys. Sad to think that my kids – the 3 who lived in Ohio – wouldn’t remember you and the rest of my gang has never met you! Say hi to Tony. You both look great!

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