Papa Tom

The kids love their Papa Tom. He’s a great grandpa. His occupation is in the masonry business. One of the main builders he works with in Cleveland has a sister here in town that is building a house. He recruited Papa Tom to do all the masonry work. We were so excited to have him and Abuelita come to stay for an extended trip. The kids LOVED getting dirty on the jobsite. They got to have a ride in the bucket of the digger, spraypaint the gravel, steer the stone slinger, and hammer nails. It was a blast!

Papa Tom and the kids

Papa Tom and the kids

Everyone posing on the excavator

Ethan and Corinne under the excavator

Mason on a dirt mound

You can tell by the pictures that we were there at all times of the day and night. I couldn’t keep the kids away! We kept muddy clothes and bags in the car to put their boots in. I waited until the job was finished before I even attempted to clean the interior of the van or their clothes. I’m hoping the house will have lots of interior finish work that will give Papa Tom another reason to come visit us again!


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