Day One

I’m finally getting around to posting pictures from the trip Tony and I took in late August. Here’s the happenings of our first day:

We flew into Hartford, Connecticut to visit with the Sharpe family. However, there was no going home to rest for us. We were on a mission to see how many states/restaurants/historical sites we could see on our 7 day trip. The states on the east coast are so small that it wasn’t too long before you’d cross a state line. We took pictures to document:

Crossing into Massachusetts

Welcome to Massachusetts

Through New Hampshire

Welcome to New Hampshire

Continuing on to Vermont

Welcome to Vermont

We went to the highest point in Vermont called Hogback Mountain. You could see the 3 or 4 surrounding states. It was beautiful.

Hogback Mountain, Vermont

There was a store at the top selling all kinds of yummy things. We tried pistachio fudge, some Vermont cheese, and bought Mason a bottle of maple syrup to go on his beloved chocolate chip pancakes. Then we just enjoyed the view.

Hogback Mountain, Vermont

After loading everyone back up in the car, we drove back to Boston for dinner and an evening stroll around town. Since we are such food lovers, we had to go to the Quincy Market. It is an old building converted into a row of restaurants. We looked around and settled on Ned Devine’s which was, well, divine! I LOVED my corn chowder. I’d drive all the way back just to have another bowl. Here’s some sights at night:

Quincy Market

Quincy Market, Boston

The Cradle of Liberty

Cradle of Liberty, Boston

Fun first day. Especially considering that we didn’t even land until 1:00 or so in the afternoon. Try not to fall off the edge of your seats while you eagerly anticipate the post for Day Two.


2 responses to “Day One”

  1. YAY I have been looking at this site daily for these posts. I cant wait for your next trip to visit us it was so much fun. Thanks for all the good times and memories.

    Love you all
    Jeremiah and all the Sharpes

  2. That was a loooong day! We got your card in the mail yesterday, you guys are too nice, it really was a pleasure for us to have you guys visit.

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