My birthday

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday. Strange. Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone who called, wrote, emailed, SENT MONEY, etc. It was a nice day. Yesterday for dinner I had take out chicken lettuce wraps from PF Chang’s while the rest of the family feasted on Wendy’s. Nice to have a night off from figuring out what to eat, cooking it, having the kids pick at it, then cleaning it all up. The office gave me a double decker chocolate cake with peanut butter filling covered in milk chocolate icing and chocolate chips. One word: YUM! Tony knows how much I love snacks and gum with Recaldent so he got me a bunch of goodies. My main present this year was my choice of a Broadway show to attend while we were in NYC. (I swear I am getting around to that post!)

I picked Boeing, Boeing. Every heard of it? I hadn’t. Picked it blindly. It was a play and not a musical. That was the main reason I picked it. Mind you I was in musicals in high school (nerd, I know), but I just wasn’t feeling it. Besides, Tony gets irritated that people break into song and dance spontaneously. Not sure why. I do it daily around the house. But let me get back on track…

Hilarious show about a man who has three girlfriends/fiancees all of which are stewardesses from different airlines. With the new fast jet introduced, his life unravels. VERY funny. Few inappropriate moments but nothing to ruin the show. Plus, a KILLER cast.

We hung around after the show and met the cast. It was a true NYC experience to see famous people come out, sign autographs, hang out for a bit, then fade into the crowd. I’m glad we went.

Back to my happenings on my actual birthdate. After dinner last night, I attended a meeting for parents with kids interested in Girl Scouts. Corinne brought home a flyer from school last week and had it read before she got off the bus. Her first question was, “Will you come up to the doors with me when I sell the cookies?” Weirdo. We’ll see what happens with it. Seems like something she would enjoy. Problem is that meetings will likely be on Monday nights twice a month. Sigh.

The night ended with the air conditioner breaking. Now I am waiting for a repairman to come somtime this afternoon between 12-5. Gotta love that. Not like I had anywhere to go anyway.

Overall, a good day filled with the things I love most: friends and family.


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  1. Oops, I put one to many t’s in your name. You are probably wondering who this Gretta is that I am wishing happy birthday to. Happy Birthday Greta!!!

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