Utah Trip

I know. The trip was in July. I had an extensive plan of posting our activities from each day with corresponding pictures. Gonna have to ditch that. I’m too far behind. The best part for the kids was getting to do really fun stuff with their cousins.

A day at Kangaroo Zoo. They loved playing on all the huge inflatable stuff. (Check out Mason. He is in some sort of zone doing the robot? Not really sure. Never have been with that child.)

Kangaroo Zoo

The kids went fishing in knee deep water and each caught their own trout.

Fish Catching

First time to see a rodeo.


Swimming until their fingers and toes looked like prunes.

Pruny fingers

Playing in the gutter after a downpour.

Playing in the rain

And just plain playing…

Playing in the rain

Lose a tooth?

..until they could play no more.


They still miss their cousins.


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  1. It looks like you all had a great time in Utah. We keep trying to make a trip up there. It is only a five hour drive and yet, it keeps getting put off. Kindergarten? I can’t believe it. I just remember her as a baby. You’ll have to let us know how she likes it.

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