I’m Behind

I realized (now that I am home from my August vacation) that I still haven’t posted pictures from our July vacation or some misc summer pictures. Then there was Ethan’s first birthday party last month, too. I need to just buckle down and do it. I’ll give you a taste of what’s been happening around here before I sign off to get Corinne ready for her FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN!!!!! I know, right?!

Playing in the cheap-o pool

Summer pool fun

Summer pool fun

Summer pool fun

Helping me around the house (I promise that they wanted to help. I don’t force them to do such things.)

Earning their keep

Anywho, there are plenty more pictures where that came from. I promise to try to catch you all up on our fun/crazy summer before fall arrives.


One response to “I’m Behind”

  1. Whoa. They look like they are doing a good job on the floor. Send them over to me!
    PS – hope the first day goes smoothly for everyone involved!

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