They just don’t make ’em like they used to…

Ears, that is. It’s ridiculous. I can’t remember EVER having an ear infection as a child. Mind you, my mom was one of those moms that believed in mind over matter and never took us to the doctor. (That’s how I ended up with a burst appendix and gang green internally in the 3rd grade, but that’s another story.) Anyway, I try not to be an alarmist. The kids have had a cold ALL winter it seems. Mason has been having a belly ache and fever the last few days but nothing serious. This morning he said his ear hurt, but 30 minutes later, he said he was fine. I made an appointment anyways. It’s Friday. My luck would be an extreme fever on Saturday and burst eardrum by Sunday with a trip to the urgent care center. Sure enough. Another ear infection. He was just in for his 3 year check-up. Remember? After the doctor confirmed Mason, I had her make sure that Ethan’s had cleared up since he is back to a runny nose and slight cough. Clear as a bell. Corinne was feeling left out, so the doctor checked hers for kicks. SHE has an ear infection, too. That’ll teach me for lecturing her about how it wasn’t her appointment, and we shouldn’t burden the doctor. Ugh! In true Corinne form, she started jumping around the room thrilled at the prospect of getting the yummy strawberry medicine. Of course the $4 generic prescription doesn’t apply to Mason. He has to have the hard core stuff. The doctor gave Corinne the same. $50 by the end of the trips to the doctor and pharmacy. Well worth the money if they would get well. Pray for my babies!


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  1. I understand the dilema. I did take the kids a while back because I was SURE they had infections and NOPE…. just colds. Then I felt dumb for spending $20 and 3 hours of my time for the Dr. to tell me that “my kids have a cold, get over it”. (he didn’t put it that way) . But you hate to let it get to the point where it’s an emergency too. At least you were right in deciding to go 🙂 Get better kiddos!

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