Not just flowers are growing…

So is Ethan’s tooth! Tony doesn’t believe me. I’ve tried to hold Ethan still a few times to show him, but he’s in denial that his baby is growing up. I had to wrestle Ethan to get these pictures, but I think they prove my case. They aren’t my best pictures so cut me some slack.

Ethan's tooth

Ethan's tooth

Can you see it?


2 responses to “Not just flowers are growing…”

  1. I know it is hard to picture Ethan growing up – but – finally…..after all that drooling…not to mention gnawing and chewing on things, TEETH! Yay!! Maybe there will be some relief for him!

  2. yep, those are some teeth! Marisa has her two and no more. Shes been so grouchy lately that I think more MUST be on the way. but I cant see anything yet. 🙁 Poor kids.

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