Spring has sprung

I love spring. It could be a smidge cooler for me this year, but after the winter we’ve had, I won’t complain. The flowers are what get me. Here’s my favorites:

Daffodils: There are so many types. I tend to like the traditional ones. I think it has to do with the scene in Willy Wonka where he’s in the room where everything is edible. He sits down, picks a daffodil that is a cup and saucer, takes a drink, then bites a piece of the cup. Love it!


Tulips: My favorite. They are such a smart flower. I think it’s awesome that they close up overnight then reopen to soak in the sun in the morning. They are just cute. Ship me off to Holland and get me some wooden shoes. I’d love to be surrounded by them.

Orange/Yellow (my personal fave)

Pink (Corinne has laid claim on these)

The Classic Red (Ignore the pine needles in the flower bed. Our mulch is on order from the Boy Scouts.)

We chopped our lilac bushes back to the stumps last year due to major overgrowth. I miss the smell of lilacs coming in through the window. Tony says they will be back. Maybe in a few YEARS! Sigh. Hope you are all enjoying spring in your neck of the woods!


2 responses to “Spring has sprung”

  1. Spring, what’s that? It’s 40 degrees here today! But the flowers are up anyway. Well…. not the tulips (at least not at our house) but the daffodils are. I love em too. I especially love Hyacinth, they always look too perfect to be real.

  2. I loved the tulips and daffodils that Corinne brought me over the weekend! They really cheered me up. But more important having her here cheered me up the most!

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