I am sad, sad, sad

Some of our sweetest friends have sold their house and will be moving in June. I knew that they would be going. Medical school is ending. Residency is ripening to begin yet somehow I was in denial. Man. I remember when Stephanie first moved here. I’d like to take the honor of being her first friend in Columbus, but I can’t prove that. She is so sincere and fun that we were instant buds. That kind of history is hard to duplicate. She is crafty beyond my comprehension. A Martha Stewart in training. She inspires me to be better. Then there is Larry, her crazy but charming spouse. It’s hard to find couples where not only do the women get along with each other, but they don’t have any qualms with the other one’s spouse. This is one such couple. Larry is a catch! He is always doing the most thoughtful things and helps me with whatever is needed when they are guests in our home. Sigh. Last but not least is their cutie pie Creed. His hair is cooler than mine ever has been or ever will be. His dimples are amazing and his smile enchanting. I’m crushed. Who else will go along with our crazy obsession with OSU football? Who else will walk the Pumpkin Show with us? So many memories… I know I need to be mature and remember that they aren’t dieing…but a little piece of me is.


3 responses to “I am sad, sad, sad”

  1. I am sad, sad, sad too.

    Greta you are too nice! I bet I could fit you in my moving van. Wanna come?

    And who will host the best OSU game watching parties and keep all the gaming systems so we don’t have to have them, and cook amazing food for us? The thing that I will mis most is just talking to you and getting advice from you, but at least I can still get some of that over the phone.

  2. I too am sad. I saw Tony at church down the hall yesterday and didn’t go and talk to him because I didn’t want to tell him the sad news. Then I vowed to hang out with you guys so much you’re sick of us and want us to go! So we’ll have to get on that.

    But even without Skybus we’ll be coming to visit, don’t you worry. And who doesn’t come and visit Utah. Everyone comes to visit. And now you’ll have somewhere to stay!

    Team Jaguar will live on!!

  3. I would just like to say I’m sad, too. Like “Buckeyes lose the National Championship game again” SAD. That’s real sad.

    No one will miss Larry’s quirky mania and Steph’s ever-present smile more than me.

    Why do all our friends move away?

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