It’s getting there

Tony and I escaped for on a date for his birthday. After dinner, we went to the mall to get him some new dress shirts. Tony needed to use the facilities which left me wandering around the store. Normally I am not a shopper, but it proved dangerous that day because I found new curtains for the living room! I was so excited. Most of the ones they had were covered in a huge floral print or something equally scary. They had one section of modern patterns. That’s were I struck pay dirt. They were on sale buy one get one for $1. Who can pass that up? Certainly not me!

New curtains

New curtains

Here’s the lamp, too. I still need to get an end table and table lamp. I keep telling myself, “Baby steps.”

New lamp

It just looks so much better in the living room now. Eventually we’ll get new couches that aren’t covered in kid stains: spit up, boogers, drool, etc. For now, I’m happy.


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