Guess who’s crawling…

Ethan just started crawling late last week. He’s moving pretty fast already. Thank goodness the kids are already good about keeping the doors closed to the basement stairs and bathrooms. I put a gate at the top of the stairs for the first time, and the older kids freaked out. Guess they will have to get used to losing some of their freedom. You can tell that Ethan is proud of himself. Here’s a peek:

Ethan trying to crawl

Look close at the second one. I love that his mouth is wide open. He loves to crawl! He can also sit up by himself now. It still catches me off guard when I come into the room and see him sitting up when I had left him on his belly. I love him!


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  1. I cannot believe how happy that little boy (or Corinne and Mason) can make my heart melt by just looking at their smile. And just visioning Ethan crawling I want to eat him up!!!!!!!!!!!

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