I’m old

My backs hurts. Not just hurts…aches. It has snowed again here in Columbus. We live on a corner lot which means that we have LOTS of sidewalk to shovel. Today there was another snow delay so when Ethan went down for his nap, the kids and I went out to shovel. Ugh. It killed me. Tony took the kids outside last time it snowed and pulled them around on a sled.

Mush, mush!

Winter fun

You might be thinking, don’t they have hills there for you to sled down? I’m sure there are but would there be a potty closeby? Would one kid decide they are finished and ruin it for the other one? Etc, etc. Anyway, the backyard was just fine. Tony is such a sport.

I should go soak in a tub. Isn’t that what old ladies do?


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  1. Soaking in the tub sounds wonderful at any age! Sounds like you got a great workout shoveling all that snow!

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