My apologies

Remember how when you were a kid and you were between picture books and books with no words? I always liked the books with pictures. I’m all for developing your imagination and whatnot but somehow the pictures pulled me along through the story. Anywho, I am apologizing for the lack of pictures lately. I know it quickens your pulse when you check the site, and I have a new post. My life is super exciting! Who doesn’t hang on every word I type and check multiple times daily to see what mysteries of the universe I’ve solved that day or see if there are PICTURES of my adorable offspring? Then you get bummed out when there aren’t any pictures. I don’t blame you. I like pictures, too. The problem is that I have to download them off the camera, then upload them onto flickr, then write details and tags for each one before finally being able to use them on my site. (When and where did I learn such computer lingo? Makes me sound like I know what I’m doing, huh?) Anyway, I do have lots of pictures taken and will do posts soon that have pictures. I promise. The kids are hogs when it comes to the computer. Our laptop is out of commission so I don’t have another computer to distract them. I just have to wait for a break in the action long enough to do it. Stay tuned.


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  1. Actually, I check about 10x a day…that would qualify me as a stalker and i’m happy to admit. I mean look at those kids, who wouldn’t check 10x a day??? Love you guys! Countdown 4 weeks till the move!

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