Blah day Blues

So I’m having one of those blah days. There’s no school today, but Tony still has work. I had planned on taking the kids to the playplace at the mall around 9 o’clock to get in a good hour of playing before the stores opened and all the people show up. However, the kiddos have decided to be sick for the entire winter. I think they first got a bug around Thanksgiving. It has been sickness ever since. Mason and Ethan have the never-ending runny nose. I didn’t think there was that much snot in the world! We kept both of them home from church yesterday (again) so I was feeling guilty if we went to the playplace and contaminated the area just so my kids could have an outing. I have confined us to home. Sigh. Now I need something fun to do. They are taking the world’s longest bath with bubbles AND bath crayons. Once that ends, we’ll have some free play. Maybe bake cookies after lunch. A (long) movie… But then what? What do you all do on a blah day to keep kids entertained and out of trouble? Help!


2 responses to “Blah day Blues”

  1. Maybe a Scavenger hunt in your house??? I’m bad at fixing those BLAH days too. Hopefully tomorrow is better. Get feeling better little ones! ((HUGS))

  2. I think I have the “I can make a rainbow ” book we used as kids. It has everything from name art to making lollipops (I think you did that one with me once). You could borrow it if you would like to.

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