Ethan is six months old!

Can you believe it? It’s already been half a year. Ethan is growing up. He is still our smallest as far as the numbers go. However, he is already army scooting around and trying to crawl. CRAZY! The boy can sit up and almost get snacks into his mouth. I guess he has the older two to model after. Anyway, he had his appointment yesterday with the doctor. He is 27 inches long (75%), 17lb 3oz (50%), and his head is 50%. But who cares about the specs when you can see cute pictures instead:

Ethan's six month

Ethan's six month

Then there is the bathtub. I don’t think I ever let Corinne and Mason have any fun in the tub as babies. Ethan was on his back waiting for me to take him out. I turned to get the towel, and he rolled over. He started swimming around all crazy. Now I have him do it all the time. Guess I need to loosen up. Too bad I didn’t figure that out until child #3.

New favorite pasttime


Everybody in!

Life’s too short to worry about a little splash of water outside of the tub. Now when Mason dumps out his cup on the floor…that’s a different story.


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  1. He is growing up so fast! I wish we had a “pause” button to enjoy them a little longer when they are babies! Time flies too quickly!

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