Corinne’s 5!

Corinne’s birthday stretched out over two weeks. She picked to have one friend, Ella, sleep over instead of having a party with lots of friends. They put on their pjs, watched a movie, and had a treat. Time for bed, right? WRONG! Corinne had us put her princess castle tent in her room for them to sleep in since she wanted castle birthday theme. They played, screamed, and fought until after I went to bed around 11:30. Kids! I thought they would be exhausted and sleep in. WRONG AGAIN! They were up a smidge after 6 screaming and giggling again. Ugh. Corinne picked chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. The girls got their nails painted while they watched some cartoons then played until it was time for Ella to go home. It was tiring but fun.

Here’s the invitation Corinne made:
Corinne's sleepover invitation

The girls thought they were too cool:
The tent

Mason wouldn’t let them have ALL the fun:
The sleepover

This past weekend was the actual birthday. Corinne had missed school all week with the flu and was itching for some company. Papa Tom and Abuelita spent the day with us. She decided to have a castle cake this year.

The cake

The cake

Corinne's cake

Corinne's cake

Card from Roman

Singing in the rain II

Singing in the rain

Corinne's presents

Corinne got these bath stick-ups from my brother’s family. She BEGGED to take a bath all day. I told her after dinner. She asked for dinner at 3 o’clock! Silly girl!
Birthday bathtime!

Ethan was tuckered out and ready for bed. Papa Tom and Abuelita gave him kisses goodbye.
Ethan with the Grandparents

5 responses to “Corinne’s 5!”

  1. It’s official….I seriously have the cutest, most hug-able, most kissable, most squeeze-able, most fun niece and nephews in the entire universe. They’re parents are pretty cool too 🙂

  2. I’m glad everyone is healthy again! I’m sad when they are sick! Loved Corinne’s birthday invitation to Ella! Her “princess” cake was delicious! And yes, I agree with everything Tia Stephanie wrote!

  3. What a fun night they will both remember for a very long time! Happy birthday Corinne, my how time flies!

  4. Thanks everyone! Corinne really loved everything. Her cake was strawberry flavor (pink) again–it has been the same since she was 2 and could pick it herself! She is still excited about being 5. Remember when getting older was fun?

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