Thanksgiving 2007

Where do I start? So much has happened. We left for Cleveland on Wednesday morning so that Tony’s mom could help me take care of Tony post-surgery and keep the kids entertained. Tony felt every bump in the road on the way there which made for a grumpy passenger. Once the Percocet hit his system, he was much more friendly.

Dinner was at the Rices and was delicious. Yum! I love Thanksgiving food. All of it. Ethan rolled over for the first time that morning. Corinne sure thought that was fun. By the time we left Friday morning, there was about 4 inches of snow.

Friday we went to Hartford to see my folks. The kids were so excited that Papa Bill had put up the Christmas tree. They baked gingerbread cookies, made carmel corn, played games, and had a good time with the grandparents. I took the kids with Papa Bill to Kraynak’s. It is an old-school (by that I mean OLD) toy store that has a lane of Christmas trees to look at (and purchase) and animated kids’ characters. The kids really liked it. The line was the longest I have ever seen it. It wound outside and across the entire length of the store. I tried to convince the kids that it would be a long, cold wait and probably wasn’t worth it (call me The Grinch), but they wouldn’t hear it. Oh well. Good thing they enjoyed it. Then we played with all the toy trains at the display tables.


Now we are home and settling in. Today was full of laundry and grocery shopping with a tad of Christmas shopping mixed in. Tonight we put up our Christmas tree and got out the decorations for the house to put up tomorrow. It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas!


Tony goes back to the surgeon tomorrow to have the dressing removed and his incision site evaluated. He is excited for the few minutes of freedom that his fingers will enjoy.

Time for bed. It’s only 9:20 pm, but I’m still behind on sleep.


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  1. Your kids are getting so BIG. I swear Mason was just a baby, but he looks so old in these pictures!

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