Change is in the air…

Corinne and Mason have shared a room since Ethan was born. They had their own little schedule and nighttime rituals. It was sad to have it come to an end. We decided that Corinne needed to switch to her own room and put the boys together in the larger bedroom. It was an interesting day.

The kids loved “helping” us take the crib and changing table apart.
Changing Bedrooms

All the pieces are now in the basement collecting dust. Sad to think that no other babies are in the house.

Corinne is really into pretending, and Mason is just catching on. She had him lay on the crib mattress and pretend to be sick. It was funny to hear what her advice was on getting better. Note the cup of water underneath the lamp. Corinne would fill it with cold tap water then put it there to warm up. I asked her why she didn’t just get warm water in the first place. She looked at me like I was dense.
Changing Bedrooms

That night, Corinne was sad to sleep alone so we gave them one last night together. They thought having a sleepover was fun! We’ll probably do it again in the future.
Slumber party

Everyone is all settled in now. Strange enough, things are much calmer at bedtime. We told Mason is was his job to keep Ethan in his bed. He takes the responsibility very seriously. Corinne likely feels left out. She occasionally opens her door to report something of little significance just to feel less lonely.

Now if Ethan could just figure out how to get out of his room in the morning and into our bed without waking anyone else up…


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