Oh, Ethan…

I have honestly had more people than I can count ask me if Ethan is adopted. I assuming they ask because he doesn’t look like the rest of us. I, however, wonder sometimes if he got switched because of how CRAZY the kid is. He has raised the level of chaos in our house exponentially since he was born.

For example, he is the first of the kids to get stitches. He fell in the back and hit his chin on our cement stairs. I always wondered how you would know if your kid needed stitches or not. Tony always said it would be obvious. He was right! A trip to Children’s Urgent Care and 6 stitches later…

Ethan's stitches

Note in the picture that there are only 5 surviving. Somehow he ripped one out. Ouch! That was around the end of June. He looks more like this nowdays:


Anytime he hears the word booboo, he still points at his chin. Then there are his playing habits. Toys are alright for awhile, but he prefers to find something more interesting. Like shredders…


I wondered why he was quiet for so long. Good think we keep it unplugged. Mason saved the day with his need to clean. I’ll think he’ll be OCD like me.

I will be my brother's keeper

This is the look he gave Aunt Steph to show how sad he was about his bad choice.

Look of remorse

Little ham. He also has a personal sense of style. He MUST pick out his own clothes everyday and often tries to pick out mine as well. I documented one of my favorite outfits.

Mr. Fashion

Don’t worry. We weren’t going anywhere that day.

So many reasons to love my little guy!


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