Month: September 2009

  • Edy’s Is the Bomb!

    So…long ago I posted about a contest to win a free ice cream party from Edy’s. I’ll cut straight to the chase…I won. My normal followers are already aware of this. Well, I wondered how it would all pan out. One word: FANTASTIC!!! Edy’s really thought of every little thing you would need for the […]

  • Change is in the air…

    Corinne and Mason have shared a room since Ethan was born. They had their own little schedule and nighttime rituals. It was sad to have it come to an end. We decided that Corinne needed to switch to her own room and put the boys together in the larger bedroom. It was an interesting day. […]

  • Oh, Ethan…

    I have honestly had more people than I can count ask me if Ethan is adopted. I assuming they ask because he doesn’t look like the rest of us. I, however, wonder sometimes if he got switched because of how CRAZY the kid is. He has raised the level of chaos in our house exponentially […]

  • Ohio State Fair 2009

    It wouldn’t be a summer in Columbus without the Ohio State Fair. There were lots of rides and food to be had. Mason was all about the rides. His cute face cheers me up. Mason loved that he was “driving” the train. There was a downpour while we were there. Thank goodness that lightning and […]