Corinne’s a 1st Grader!

It’s official. Corinne goes to school ALL day. She loves it. She had a brief disappointment when she found out that she couldn’t use the pale lavendar kitty folder she bought. It only took 3 days to get over it. On the first day, Mason made it until after lunch before he said, “I miss Corinne.” My heart broke.

Corinne is so excited that there is another Corinne in her class! (I know, right!? Why couldn’t they put them in separate classes.) She declared this sweet girl her BFF. The other big news is that this year she has 2 recesses and gets to rotate through music/art/gym/library.

1st grade

It’s so hard to say goodbye. (Apparently not for Mason. Look at the goober’s face! He’ll realize how much he misses her soon enough.)
Waiting for the school bus

Corinne was getting tired of the camera.
Waiting for the school bus

welp. It’s a whole new world out there! (cue Aladdin soundtrack)


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