Month: June 2009

  • A Trip to Hartford

    When my brother Shane comes to town, there are always lots of fun activities in the works. He is so good about planning things for the kids to do. I don’t think my kids would have seen half of the things they have if it wasn’t for his trips to Ohio with his family. Here’s […]

  • Shall we dance?

    I want the kids to be more active. I asked Corinne to pick one activity to do this summer. She said, “Dance.” I searched the internet and called numerous dance studios. Most require the student attend for a full year and charge tuition even if you move/quit. Lame! I found one offering a summer course […]

  • Summer has Offically Begun

    The fam left for Hartford immediately after Corinne got off the bus on the last day of school. The kids stayed there for a week after Tony and I came back to Columbus so that I could fill in for someone vacationing at work. That made this the first week with them at home. Now […]

  • A Great Day for McGrath Drive

    I can’t believe it! I WON! Okay so 1500 people won, but that’s not the point here. Scroll down a few inches and read the post about screaming for ice cream. Well, Edy’s must have heard my scream because my street is about to PAR-TAY! I guess a release form is in the mail. Once […]