We’ve caught a fever…

…BUCKEYE FEVER, that is!!!! Tony and I took Corinne and Mason to their first OSU football game on Saturday. It was the Spring Game where two captains pick teams and play each other. The weather was summerlike (by that I mean full sunscreen and lots of whining due to heat). The tickets were only $5 for adults and the kids were free. How can you pass that up? You CAN’T! We headed out to meet up with a pal of Tony’s from work and her other half.

It was a long walk from the Battelle parking lot to the beloved stadium for the munchkins. Mason livened up the trip by pointing out every “daffodil” (aka dandelion) and “wishing flower” (dandelion in the seed stage). Corinne was more into why there were planes flying overhead with advertisements. It was like a commercial in the sky according to her. So clever!

We all needed a drink when we finally got to our seats. The kids chugged theirs.
OSU Spring Game 2009
(Sidenote: I was trying to get a picture of both of them drinking, but Corinne stopped right when I got the camera. A few seconds later she picked up her bottle and put it to her mouth. After I took the picture, she says, “I didn’t really take a drink, Mom. I just knew you wanted a picture with both of us drinking at the same time.” Ha!)

About 5 minutes after settling in, I hear Mason say, “I’m done with this.” I assume he means his drink. He says, “No, not my drink. THIS!” and waves his hand around. I knew we were in for it then. Blasted sun. I had to perk them up so I pulled out some props.

The kids had been painting the morning of the game. This is what Corinne came up with all on her own:
Corinne's signs

Tony was SO proud! She said she knew that OSU wasn’t playing Michigan but that Michigan could be the team you want to lose. In this case, gray. The girls wore red and cheered for Scarlet while the gentlemen wore gray and cheered accordingly. She is too much sometimes!

Once we found some empty seats in the shade, the kids (and adults) were all smiles. The kids loved getting into the cheers during punts and the O-H-I-O around the stadium. I gave a brief tutorial on spelling out O-H-I-O with our arms.


O-H-H-O. Good thing I’m not a teacher. It was a good time had by all. Mason was declaring it the best day of his life by the time we left. By the time we got to the car, however, they were ready to get a Frosty and move on with the day. Deep down, I think we converted them to Buckeye Football. Their lives will never be the same.


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