Month: April 2009

  • We’ve caught a fever…

    …BUCKEYE FEVER, that is!!!! Tony and I took Corinne and Mason to their first OSU football game on Saturday. It was the Spring Game where two captains pick teams and play each other. The weather was summerlike (by that I mean full sunscreen and lots of whining due to heat). The tickets were only $5 […]

  • A Prayer Answered

    As some of you know, Tony is assigned to a job this year that has him traveling away from home often. I have been praying for something to keep the kids entertained and me sane. Friday was the day that it all worked out. After dinner, we had the kids go look out the front […]

  • Cures for Boredom

    I struggle often with new things for the family to do while stuck indoors. The weather keeps teasing us that it is warming up, but then we go right back into rainy days. Here’s what I like to do: Is that not totally disgusting? I am not in love with my 1980s kitchen flooring. I […]

  • Easter Egg-stravaganza 2009

    Tacky title. I know. I just couldn’t help myself. We have church at 9 o’clock so the kids got all dolled up for a picture. Too bad their silly faces wouldn’t cooperate with me. I love Mason’s far off look. I told him that the Easter Bunny doesn’t come until after kids go to church. […]

  • Mason turns 4!

    Mason is VERY into the Wii. Especially when it comes to Mario games. He loves to play MarioKart. His favorite part is when he becomes Bullet Bill and speeds past everyone. Thus, his cake: We stuck the candles across the back to look like flames. Mason was tickled! This kid doesn’t really get into the […]

  • My Little Helpers

    The kids love to “help” me throughout the day. Sometimes it is indeed helpful. Corinne is trying to teach Ethan to read and treat books nicely. Good luck with that! Mason lets Ethan watch him play on the laptop while I cook dinner. He’s nice as long as Ethan’s head doesn’t block the screen. Then […]