One of our Favorite Places to Go


I love the office where I worked for the past 7ish years so much that even though I stopped working, our family is still patients. Corinne is used to it there. She visited alot as a child. She knows everyone by name and (more importantly) where the prize drawer is located. Mason, on the other hand, didn’t get to visit me at work often because I only worked parttime when he was a wee lad. I waited until right before his 4th birthday and kept my fingers crossed.

Corinne wanted to have her teeth cleaned on her birthday so her appointment was first. I took Mason along to watch. He wanted to push the water buttons SO bad, but I told him he’d have to wait until his turn. When Miss Perfect was finished, Mason took a ride in the chair to “practice” for his turn the next day. All went well on day one.

Corinne at the dentist

The next day was Mason’s turn. He did pretty well. He has an extra baby tooth on the bottom in the front that makes it harder to keep clean and thus causes extra buildup. The poor hygienist had to earn her money getting that stuff off. I had to come up with ways to keep him entertained. I took pictures of him then would show him what it looked like. Here’s an example:

Mason at the dentist

I was proud of him. He came up looking like this:

Mason at the dentist

so I think he isn’t scarred for life. Good thing because the dentist is one of our favorite places to go!


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