Is it springtime yet?

We are bored. Very bored. I’m ready for the weather to break so that we can get outside more often. Just in case you care, this post will show you what my kids do to occupy themselves.

Corinne got a curling iron for her birthday from her Aunt Stephanie. Now she loves to have her hair curled. She has me do every layer/piece on her head. It takes a good 30 minutes. Then she wants a picture taken. Here’s my favorite:

Corinne with the curly style

Mason got tracks for his cars for Christmas. He loves them and plays with them for quite awhile. They all link together and cause the next car to take off. He gets everything all set and places all the cars then watches the chain reaction. He keeps checking the box and reminding me that we don’t have all the pieces yet. Darn advertising on the packaging!

Mason playing with the car tracks

Ethan has adopted Corinne’s baby Cinderella as his own. He takes her for rides in his shopping cart/stroller and even throws her in the back of the car if his destination is too far to walk.

Ethan and his little baby stroller

Ethan and his little baby

Silly, wonderful kids!


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