Month: March 2009

  • One of our Favorite Places to Go

    THE DENTIST!!!! I love the office where I worked for the past 7ish years so much that even though I stopped working, our family is still patients. Corinne is used to it there. She visited alot as a child. She knows everyone by name and (more importantly) where the prize drawer is located. Mason, on […]

  • Is it springtime yet?

    We are bored. Very bored. I’m ready for the weather to break so that we can get outside more often. Just in case you care, this post will show you what my kids do to occupy themselves. Corinne got a curling iron for her birthday from her Aunt Stephanie. Now she loves to have her […]

  • Sidetracked

    Sorry for not blogging. I have a new addiction. To Color Junction. It’s also available on your home Google page. Back to playing. -g.

  • Happy Belated 6th, Corinne!

    I can’t believe my girl is 6! She was so excited to have her birthday. She was due to have her teeth cleaned, and asked that I schedule it the morning of her birthday. A girl after my heart! (We’ll have a whole post on the dentist later.) Corinne was indecisive this year about what […]

  • Papa Tom

    The kids love their Papa Tom. He’s a great grandpa. His occupation is in the masonry business. One of the main builders he works with in Cleveland has a sister here in town that is building a house. He recruited Papa Tom to do all the masonry work. We were so excited to have him […]

  • Christmas 2008 Part II: Hartford

    Soon after Christmas, we traveled to Hartford, a small town in northeastern Ohio where I grew up. My sister and oldest sibling, Bridget, was coming to town with her family from Utah. We were lucky to get to see them out west over the summer. My kids had their cousins fresh on their brains and […]

  • Christmas 2008

    First, we decorated the tree (and played Jack-in-the-Christmas tree-box) I love my kids’ faces in this one. Goobers! Eventually, Christmas morning rolled around: Such a mess! The kids had a hard time finding the toys to play with after they were finished opening everything. Here is Ethan on M & M withdrawl: We enjoyed hanging […]