Busy Bees

The Rice family has been uber busy. After the hurricane hit us, Tony was out of town for the week. Thank goodness for his mom and sister. Stephanie didn’t have power for the entire week so she and James spent lots of time here. Tony’s mom came down Tuesday while I was at work to help me with the kids for the rest of the week. We missed Daddy (don’t get me wrong), but I slept like a champ in that big bed all by myself! Aaaaahhhhh. We spent last weekend in my tiny hometown of Hartford, Ohio attending the Apple Festival. Hopefully I’ll get around to posting about it with some pics. Tony got Monday off from work since he was traveling the week before. We went out to Bob Evans (aka Bob Bevins by my kids) for breakfast then spent the day doing errands and shopping. It was an expensive day. Now things are semi back to normal.

Ethan has gained the ability to scale mountains. Not literally but the boy can climb. I’ve found him on the coffee table, on top of my bed, at the kitchen table eating Corinne’s dinner that was cooling down, the couch, etc. He is so proud of himself. It freaks me out. I’m afraid to leave the room for fear where I’ll find him when I come back!

Mason’s potty training is going much better. It’s amazing what a silly song about pooping in the potty can do! I’m proud of him. Hopefully he’ll keep it up.

Corinne is happy as a clam at school. She is getting all geared up for Halloween. She changes her mind every few days about what she wants to dress up as this year.

Hope is all is well with you and yours!


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