Funeral aka Family Reunion

I mean no disrepect when I titled this post. Shortly after Tony and I got married, his abuelito passed away. We flew to San Jose for the funeral. It was the first time I had met many of his extended family. It was a blast! They were so fun to be around. I can honestly say it was the best funeral I have ever been to. I think it is because we believe in our religion that we will be together forever as families so death isn’t as final. Everyone was sad and in shock, but no lasting misery existed. Early last month, Tony’s Grandma Rice died as previously mentioned on my site. It, too, was a shock but a nice opportunity to see relatives and close friends. Here’s some pictures of the family:

The babies (William, Ethan, and Mitchell)


The younger boy cousins (Mason, Daniel, Zachary, and Sam)


The ladies (Emma, Jackie, and Corinne)


The Rice Men (Papa Tom, Mason, Ethan, and Tony)


I love my husband’s immediate and extended family. They have always been there for us and love our children like they are their own. It means alot. I married well.


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