Belle, The Beast, and Baby Mitchell

We had a busy weekend the first weekend of March. It has taken a backseat to the blizzard which isn’t quite fair considering the fun things we did.

Corinne and I went on a date. One of the local high schools was putting on Beauty and the Beast. They had a Breakfast with Belle and Cast that involved pancakes (Corinne ate 6 to my 2) and sausage (again, I was eaten under the table). The cast took them on a tour backstage and showed them the orchestra pit. Then they had lots of various activity centers. Two kids from church were in it so we enjoyed some special attention. We went home for lunch and then came back for the 2 o’clock show.

Corinne getting primped for the breakfast.

Breakfast with Belle & Cast

The cast sang during breakfast.

Breakfast with Belle & Cast

There was a professional photographer taking FREE (my favorite price) pictures for the kids. Corinne, however, freaked out and wouldn’t take one. She said they weren’t the real Belle and Beast. She would wait for Disney World. I took their picture so they wouldn’t feel bad.

Breakfast with Belle & Cast

Our friend Melissa was helping with the coloring table.

Breakfast with Belle & Cast

Corinne warmed up to Belle by the end and said she would get her picture taken. Afterwards as we were walking away she said, “I know she’s not the real Belle, but it will do.”

Breakfast with Belle & Cast

We rushed home from the show to head to Cleveland. Tony’s cousin Nick and his wife Sarah were blessing their firstborn Mitchell. Corinne sure loved being around such a tiny baby again.

Baby Mitchell

Ethan got in on the fun at the party afterwards. Someone must not have been able to resist his cheesy smile and blue eyes and fed him chocolate cake. He was up all night crying. Not sure if the cake was to blame, but he enjoyed it going down!


Mason had a piece, too, but you can barely tell by looking at him. He’s getting better about not making a mess. Hallelujah!

Sneaky, sneaky

Thanks for the good times, everyone! We sure had fun visiting with all of you!


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