He’s alive!

Tony is home post-surgery. Sounds like everything went well. He now has a permanent plate and 6 screws in his hand. Recovery is expected to take 4 weeks.

 The kids are all sick. Corinne stayed home from school yesterday and today. I think she had the easiest of it and was nice enough to pass it on to Mason. Mason threw up a few times this morning and seems all the better for it. His nose is running like a faucet so I have to hunt him down every few minutes and give it a wipe. Ethan, the kiss magnet, got whatever it is they have next. That’s the saddest part. Poor kid can barely breath. Mason’s kisses are so wet that it looks like we washed Ethan’s hair everytime Mason plants one on his head.  Yuck!

 Should be a Thanksgiving for the memory books!


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